About Us من نحن

Who are we?

We are a group of Egyptians who believe in the Egyptian Nation.

We see ourselves under threat of losing our Egyptian identity to imported religious and linguistic forces, infecting our society with sectarian strife, corruption, violence, and the spread of radicalism. This negative phenomenon also impacts the Egyptian position in the Middle East and the world.

What do we promote?

We promote an Egyptian nation that embraces all its citizens, regardless of religion, ethnicity, color or gender.

We promote an Egyptian nation that shares a common history, culture and civilization.

We promote the concept of one people, living in a civil democratic state, respecting all faiths with the unwavering belief that ALL human rights should be respected.

We promote peace, coexistence, and mutual cooperation with liked-minded people in the Middle East and throughout the Mediterranean region.


Through spreading the mechanisms of civil society among Egyptians and stressing that secularism isn’t against religion. On the contrary, a civil state can ensure genuine protection for freedom of faith.

By working on establishing a democratic Egyptian civil state based on one Egyptian culture, with equality between all Egyptians, working together with all those who believe in these ideas to achieve this goal:

A civil and democratic Egyptian state for all Egyptians

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